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it’s that time folks. actually this is majorly late, but what can i say?

fall 2k13, my final semester. or what should have been.

my life was not interesting this semester. okay, it was. but it sucked. but it was good. seriously, i type that like allllllll the time. no lie. instead of doing my usual wrap up, i’m going to break it down by months!

AUGUST: oh august, 8th month. i started the month off with a bang, by beginning my first ever real life relationship! crazy business. then i got a job at MPS. THEN my mom got sick. at some point, college classes also started.

SEPTEMBER: i got sick, mom was still sick, eh. kind of a sadpants month. i did some school work. oh! youth group started, which was a legit addition to my lifestyle. what else? probably hung out with my pals a lot when i wasn’t sick. roof was a trooper. i didn’t work much at all at the group home and ended up with no placement with mps. lame. oh and we went on a road trip to fargo. that was fun! kept the stress of life down. and roof and i ate lots of carbs. :) AND JULIE AND JORDON GOT ENGAGED! FINALLY. i knew it was coming. and it was grand. those kids are my favorite.

OCTOBER: the month i had been waiting for since june. or maybe forever? idk. either way. OCTOBER! i, of course, did homework or whatever, but the exciting part was JUSTIN CAME TO MINOT! oh man, talk about anxiety. was he going to like me in real life? would he be able to handle my awkwardness for more than the usual 3 hour skype session? WOULD WE HOLD HANDS??????????? (one of the major reasons i wanted to go to canada with jordon and julie was to hold hands: FACT) major life questions. and a lot of ridiculousness. obviously, things worked out, we did hold hands, and did i mention we are in love? (that became solidified in october. talk about big stuff!) then he went back to colorado, i did more homework, probably slept a lot, went to church, hung out, listened to a lot of music, and probably other stuff i don’t remember. (work and that jazz)

NOVEMBER: usual stuff. some school. some church. some work. lots of Jesus. a little fun. mom was getting better. roxie got fleas, and i got flea bites. (eew.) I WENT TO COLORADO! seriously. that was awesome. i got to see justin’s chickens, eat at lots of fun places, see the MOUNTAINS, and visit his church. we also watched not one but two pixar classics that i missed somehow and one football game. we had our first pizza sunday too! we also did some more hand holding. :) but then i had to come home. then i got a cat! i also dropped algebra and cried in the gordon b. olsen library. um. tested out of classes. and spent lots of time on skype. oh and i bought a new car from a black man, which is only a necessary detail because he set the sound system in it really well, so i jam out to music a lot. (especially this CD. i love bethel worship music SO MUCH). i also listened to a lot of old mix cds, including, but not limited to “lords and ladies,” “totally exciting,” and, “worddddddd up!”

DECEMBER: finished my remaining classes strong. cuddled a lot with izziepants, my cutie kitten. worked at the group home. finished our small group material for youth group……. what else? that’s kind of it. ran a lot of errands. here i am. tomorrow (friday) justin and i will do our christmas skype, i will begin running at some point again because, TBH, i miss my running butt. and hott quads. those are one of the top 4 reasons i have to start running. i also have another job interview, so pray for me.

so, my overall thankful list (keeping tradition) would include:

diet coke

justin andrew


julie and jordon

my mommy

IZZIEPANTS (and ginger too, our OTHER new cat)

Jesus Christ

my new ride, still unnamed

loaf and jug

modern medicine

my church family and my small group girls

and leggings, because that happened in 2K13

i am again reminded the goodness of God, the faithfulness of Jesus, and the joy i have in Him. happy Christmas and hopefully my final (final) semester will end on a much higher note!

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it’s 2013

i own a cat and have a serious boyfriend. i bought an SUV with cash and have a decent job.



SERIOUSLY. it felt like 2002. who burns a cd these days????????????????